Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Apologies, but I'm sick

I'm sorry for the delay on all the etsy orders I've recieved over the past week. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and share. Ironically, much like the smallpox laced blankets that were handed out at the first thanksgiving, my family too decided to share germs.... So I've got a nasty cold. I'm pushing through orders but it may take a bit. I'm sorry if your order is a bit late and I'm trying my best. Thanks to everyone for your patience and I sincerely hope all your goodies are worth the wait.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

DIY Breyer Stall Part 2: Cut and Assemble-ish

I've finally stopped stalling on this (pun intended) and I went to the garage with the hacksaw my father suggested and I discovered two things. Number 1, I still suck at woodworking and tool related hobbies and Number 2 I should not always trust my dad's recommendations.

If you are cutting your wood, do not use one of these.

It will not cut all the way and even if you work at the board from both sides you will have an unfortunate inch in the middle that will need to be broken or cut with a different method. Also I could not get it to hold tension so some of my lines were really crooked. But still I endeavored.

Once everything was cut, I went to town with the sand paper to smooth the edges. I highly recommend this step.

Next up I pulled out my trusty wood glue.

Step 1: Glue a pillar on each side of the back board in the stall and clamp them. Then I glued the posts to the base and used a bottle on each side to hold it up.

Step 2: Glue pillars to the side and then glue it to the back wall. Repeat for the other side.

To hold the pillars in place and push them down I ended up using a few household objects. I'm sure a more experienced wood crafter would have a more efficient way but I solved the problem.

Step 3: Glue on the front of the stall and the pillar support for that.

Step 4 is locate some tiny hinges. Because I forgot to get some. Luckily, Cupcake is well behaved enough to stay in the stall. :P

Lessons learned:

1. Get a bigger hacksaw/ a normal saw/ use a band saw.

2. Apparently if I had pre-scoured my wood, things wouldn't be as crooked.

3. Instead of using the wood sheets, I could have gotten the thin shims and just built the walls board by board. It would probably look a bit better even if it would be time consuming. I've honestly seen stalls built both ways.

4. Any mechanical engineers you may be co-habitating with will frown at it excessively. Fortunately he's agreed to help with version 2 which will probably not be started until well into January so stay tuned for the DIY Fancy Stall edition.

Friday, November 15, 2019

DIY Breyer Stall Part 1: Planning the stall

I don't have a barn. Or a stall. All my life I have always wanted a breyer barn. I've simplified that down to just a stall, something I can reasonably do. And because we're heading into the season of giving, I'm going to do this as a tutorial, just in case anyone else really wants a stall too.

Not a pretty plan, but it is a plan.

Supply List:
-12 in x 12 in piece for bottom
-3 (12 in x 9 in pieces) for sides and back
- 8 in x 5 in piece for front wall
- 4 in x 5 in piece for door
- 1/2 in dowels for corner posts.
-Wood glue
-Tiny hinges

*Supply list may change as this project progresses... sorry.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Feed Bags and Sets are in Progress

So, while my significant other was out of the house I had copious amounts of time to play with fabric. Which led to me working on (but not really finishing) a bunch of hay bags while bobert was happily extruding buckets.

I present Progress

 Now they just need finishing touches... Like straps for the bags and handles for the buckets.... Back to work.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Props Making is My Addiction and I'm not sorry

On the list of places you should totally check out, thingiverse is the top. While a lot of their models are not in scale persay... that can be altered rather easily.

And once I made a laptop I found a microwave and mini fridge...

At my first barn, there was a viewing room that doubled as Ms. Atlas's office, and also a kinda break room with table, chairs, a microwave, and a mini fridge... It was also where all the bridles were hung... So we all basically hung out there and enjoyed our hot chocolate after a winter's riding lesson. Great times. But back to the model hobby, wouldn't it be great to also have the office part of that?

Saturday, October 12, 2019

In My defense I have lots of Colors to Make

So 3 new items are on my etsy, they are all a feed set as I call it. There is one for traditional, one for classic, and one for schleich. Many more will follow but these 3 are the first.




And I got fabric to match most of my bucket colors....

And a couple extras too! I might start making stable blankets again too but only once I get my sewing machine back...

Apologies, but I'm sick