Friday, October 2, 2020

Stable Help

 I found two new stable hands at the home depot of all places. They're a bit pale... and boney... and skeletoney but I'm sure they're fine...

Just fine...


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Blanket Making Trial 2: Improvements could be made

 I tried again... I like the pattern I used for this version a bit more, although I'm still tweaking it. I added trim on the top and some contouring in the back. Still need to work on my belly strap placement. I feel like both straps need to move further to the front and the back straps need to move down a bit. But it is a nice looking fully functioning blanket! (And it glows in the dark).

The other big takeaway would be to make the front buckle ahead of time so that it can be properly sewn on, right now I've just been fabric gluing it on.

Yes it does match the spooky Halloween set. This whole set (minus the horse) is now available on my etsy for $42.

To do a blanket with back tapering I decided to try sewing the two sides together (did the same with the felt piece too). Then I ironed them so they were nice and flat.

Then I added the middle trim.

You can see the tapering worked pretty well to make the back look nice.

Then I glued on then sewed on the straps. I've already discussed how placement could be better. 


After sewing down.

Am I getting better? Yes. Am I going to need to order more blanket hooks? Yes. Did seeing desktop stables update about lots of gorgeous halloween blankets make me discouraged? ( a little, but really more determined). Pro Life Tip: It's okay to look to others and compare your work, to see what you want to improve on. But you shouldn't judge your work against other people's, the only person you need to do better than is the person you were yesterday.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Blanket Making Trial 1

 I have always loved horse blankets. One of the best things about this hobby is that there are few things that prevent you from making really cool ones. Real blankets need lots of fabric and to be weatherproof and durable. The only limits for model horse blankets are pattern size, imagination, ... and sewing skills. Thanks to this lovely pandemic, I've outfitted a lot of people with masks and all that practice has really upped my nonexistent sewing skills! 

It just doesn't quite touch....  That's one of the only big blunders. The only other big issue is how wavy my stitching is although it does match the bias tape and it didn't go off the bias tape, just not as exact as I'd like it to be.

But I figured the best way to learn is with practice so I'll keep trying. In the meantime, I figured there's no harm in going through the process to make this one.

  • Fabric
  • White felt
  • Rio rondo buckles (#B5)
  • Rio rondo blanket clasps (#HD825)
  • 1/4" black grosgrain  ribbon (Hobby lobby or hairbowcenter)
  • 1/8" black grosgrain ribbon (Joanns or hairbowcenter)
  • 1/4" bias tape (black)

I cut the top out of one of the fabrics I have a lot of... I could have used muslin for my first demo, but I figured it would turn out well enough that wouldn't be a problem. The bottom fabric is white felt which won't cause a lot of rubs and won't stain the model.

These are my 1/4" ribbon straps. For those interested, the measurements going left to right are 3.5 in, 5 in, 9 in, and 10 in.

I folded it in half then measured a 1/2 in and glued about 2 inches of the back strap, then tried that fancy turn I've been seeing everyone using. Looking at other maker's blankets, it looks like that part is usually done at an angle? 
Anyway the reason I used fabric glue is that pins would have damaged the ribbon.

With only the top piece I sewed down all of the straps. I also put the hooks on the short part. I sewed down to where my ribbon was folded over but left a bit of movement available at the ends. The other side, be careful not to sew all the way to the edge, that will make it impossible to put the bias on.

This is after I put the first side of the bias on after carefully aligning the top fabric with the white felt. I need to work on corners and turns, but they came out okay. I then flipped it over and did the other side of the bias, careful not to sew over the straps or anything.

I didn't take pictures of the next step, but I put the other half of the buckles on and I put buckles and straps on the front.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

I got a big milk crate!

The title says it all. We went to the home depot to get yard stuff and I saw a milk crate (real size) and decided I needed it. You can never have enough milk crates! XD

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Is September too early for Halloween? Christmas?

I'm looking for things to break up this monotony. There's so much bad news. In this hobby, in the real world. And amidst all of this, I went to hobby lobby. I needed wood boxes to make more tack boxes and some dowel rods because I always need dowel rods. Hobby lobby has the best dowel rods, they are much sturdier than the ones you can find at Joanns and the grain doesn't raise as much when you paint them.

I wanted the squirrels. But I already had pumpkins for a little holiday freebie. I put the squirrels back.

Then... Christmas. 

I am not ready for Christmas... yet. But hobby lobby is. And they have a lot of nice miniature things ready to go.

I really liked the trees. I will need some soon. (after Halloween).

And tinier trees plus wreaths. ( I will be back for these.)

Friday, August 21, 2020

Glow In the Dark

It's almost Halloween which makes it the perfect time for some spooky props! Find these cool glow props on my etsy... if you dare!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Designing a Feed Pan: Fusion 360 Basics

There are a lot of ways to skin a cat. That is to say, when designing something, there are a infinite number of ways to go about it but some are better (less frustrating) than others. I figured I'd go through making a really simple object a couple different ways to demonstrate some of the tools in fusion 360. If you want to start out with the software, feel free to follow along. Everything will be done in mm since that is the default in Fusion 360 and also better (in my opinion) for model horse stuff because it is so small and inches get very fractional here. Keep in mind that a 3D printer will usually extrude at a layer height of .1 mm to .3 mm so don't go smaller than that.

Designing a Feed Pan

1. Open fusion 360

Left click: Selection box
Right click + drag: Poupup menu with some options
Scroll middle wheel: zoom in and out
Press middle wheel: move around screen
Press middle wheel + press shift: rotate screen (also accomplished by moving box in the top right corner)

2. Click on the sketch button

3. Choose the plane to work on, the bottom one.

4. Sketch a 30 mm circle. Type in diameter to lock it.This makes it easier to change if you decide you want it smaller or larger later on. Select finish sketch. At this point there are two different ways I'm going to show, A and B

Method A: Extrusion
1. Click the press/pull button and extrude the circle with a taper of 15 deg to 10 mm . This gives it a slight slant out to make the pan's shape. 

This is an easier way, but it is also harder to control the size of the top of the pan (and after reading this, Anthony said, "It's actually not hard you just have to do some math"). 

Method B: Offset Plane
1. Go to the top and select Construct. From the drop down menu select offset plane

2. Set the height of the offset plane to 10 mm. 

3. Click create sketch and select your new plane.

4. Sketch a 35 mm circle with the same center point as the first. Finish sketch.

5. Go to the Create drop down menu and select Loft.

6. Chose your two circles as the points to be lofted.

This method more carefully controls the size of the top circle with less math.

Continue Main method:

5. Click the shell button then click the top circle.

6. Set the shell width to 1 mm. 

8. Select Fillet and round the bottom of the pan 1 mm. 

7. Tada a feed pan! 

These skills can be applied to just about every shape and item you can imagine. The best way to learn more is to just try stuff. Sometimes things will work and sometimes they won't. Happy making!

Stable Help